Jack Martin, Mark West Lodge LLC
"The knowledge I gained from this course will be invaluable to me as I move my business forward. It would no doubt have changed my life if I had taken the course years ago, before undertaking my business venture. Thank you SBDC."

Silas Edman, Earth Design Group
"I have a greater understanding of my business, and a strategy now to guide me for the next few years."

Erica Piorkaisie, Crystal Clear Home
"NxLeveL is a highly comprehensive course that touches on all areas of business as well as fun. I looked forward to class each week and have walked away with knowledge, awareness, and a new network of amazing entrepreneurs."

Paul McKairnes, Media Graphics, Inc.
"Three hours every Wednesday night to help me focus and — most important — remind me why I have my own business. And yes, it is a good thing!"

Margaret E. Lutz, Peggy Lutz Plus, Inc.
"The best gift an entrepreneur can give herself: a toolbox of valuable information and insight, dynamically and supportively presented. You are NOT alone! Wisdom by association."

Gale O'Brien, Mimsy Designs
"The NxLeveL course gave me the opportunity to look at my business in a new way. The idea of shedding the role of a manager to become a leader and the visionary for Mimsy Designs shifted my thinking and my approach to every aspect of the business. With that shift, new opportunities emerged from everywhere!"

James Llewel, Radio Shack
"This course is awesome. Wish I had taken it before I purchased my business!"

John Fitzgerald, Norcal Networks, Inc.
"Although the company I represented throughout the course was not mine, I found it to be a great asset. Not just in my current job, also in my aspirations to start my own restaurant/nightclub. I have thought about doing that for years and thanks to this class I have begun planning and research. I found there was a lot I didn't know in regards to opening a business. Now I feel I may be ready to make a dream turn to reality. Thank you Paul, for your hard work and dedication." 

Kristen Kerns, Norcal Networks, Inc.
"Great class. A worthwhile investment of time for anyone running a business or thinking about starting a business."

Steve Kerns, Norcal Networks, Inc.
"This class should be REQUIRED in order to get a business license!"

Pat Sanborn, Sage Solutions
"An excellent tune-up for the sleepy entrepreneur. A great way to troubleshoot and energize your company."

Betsy Fischer, Center for Culinary, Wine and Hospitality Careers
"I wanted you to know that the NxLeveL course has really helped me in all areas of my work. I can now think strategically so much better than I used to, and I actually enjoy the process. Thank you for that new addition to my skills!"

Debbie Mollura, Creative Gifts Galore
"Although I had been in business several years, I am so glad I took the NxLeveL class. It helped me to focus my marketing efforts and planning so I could experience solid growth. I have continued to realize growth year, over year and moved to a bigger and better location."