Search Engine OptimizationNxLeveL® Guide to Search
Engine Optimization

This class explains the basic concepts of search engine optimization (SEO), with a strong practical focus on competitive analysis, assessing feasibility, allocating resources and tracking results. Broad topics include keyword research; site architecture; reputation management; the effective use of social media and social networks; and online advertising. Participants will use the information presented in this class to create an individualized SEO action plan. Depending on the needs of your local market, this class can be presented in two-, four-, or eight-hour segments. This supplement includes an Instructor's Manual.

Learning Objectives

  • Search Engine Basics
  • Market Research and Feasibility
  • Site Architecture and Design
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Content That Counts
  • Earning Links
  • Branding and Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Driving Traffic
  • Measuring Results
  • Project Management