Business StartupsNxLeveL® for Business Startups

NxLeveL for Business Startups is a 10-session, 30-hour course that addresses the questions every prospective business owner must answer in order to launch a successful and sustainable new venture. Participants will learn how to identify feasible start-up opportunities, and bring them to fruition by creating an actionable start-up business plan based on shrewd market research and proven start-up management techniques.

Learning Objectives

Session One

  • Elements of the NxLeveL Start-Up Business Plan
  • Your start-up goals, objectives and mission statement
  • The importance of networking

Session Two

  • The pros and cons of manufacturing, service and retail businesses
  • Attracting and keeping customers
  • Developing your start-up business concept

Session Three

  • Identifying and assessing start-up costs and opportunities
  • Franchising and other start-up options
  • Researching your prospective business and industry

Session Four

  • Green business opportunities and trends
  • Assessing the competitive landscape for green business
  • Creating a compelling product / service description

Session Five

  • Legal considerations for start-ups
  • Anticipating and managing start-up risks
  • Identifying your management team
  • Building and motivating teams
  • Outsourcing options for start-ups

Session Six

  • The basics of marketing
  • Market analysis for start-ups
  • Identifying your direct, indirect and future competition
  • Analyzing consumer demographics and psychographics

Session Seven

  • The Four Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion and placement
  • Online sales and marketing
  • Developing and refining your start-up marketing strategy

Session Eight

  • How accounting supports daily business operations
  • Identifying start-up expenses
  • Sales forecasts and budgeting
  • Preparing a monthly cash flow projection for Year 1
  • Calculating your break-even point in units and dollars

Session Nine

  • Identifying fixed and variable assets
  • Choosing between debt and equity financing
  • Documentation and collateral requirements for start-up financing
  • Reality check: Is your start-up business idea financially feasible?

Session 10

  • Negotiating and managing deals and contracts
  • Creating a supply chain and managing inventory
  • Energy efficiency and pollution prevention strategies
  • Completing your NxLeveL Start-Up Business Plan